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The Mule: Max Jones #1 (PAPERBACK)

The Mule: Max Jones #1 (PAPERBACK)

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  • Paperback

In the shadows of Dubai, justice takes a stand.

Fleeing a deadly confrontation in India, former soldier Max Jones seeks to atone for the sins of his past and start anew.

However, in an unexpected twist of fate, he witnesses two young women in distress while waiting for his flight. In an instant, Max is propelled into action, using skills from a past he'd rather forget.

As Max delves deeper into their plight, he realizes it's merely the prelude to a perilous odyssey, with higher stakes than he ever imagined. In the heart-pounding thriller that follows, Max transforms into a relentless vigilante, determined to dismantle the criminal empire responsible for their suffering.

Armed with combat expertise and a desire for justice, Max becomes a solitary force against Dubai's criminal underworld.

Will Max's quest for justice and redemption lead him to closer to the light—or deeper into the darkness?

The Mule is the first book in the Max Jones Thrillers



Paperback Details

Pages: 404

Size: 5" x 8" (147mm x 243mm)

Format: Paperback

Series: Book 1, The Max Jones Series

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Read a Sample

Vikram ‘Vikki’ Malhotra yawned, stretched, then padded softly on bare feet across the rough concrete floor to the open doorway of his beach shack. A gentle onshore breeze brought the smell of salt to his nostrils and fine particles of sand gathered around his feet. Two stray dogs gambolled in the shallows, play-fighting, one rolling onto its back while the other nipped at its ears. A young Indian couple walked hand in hand, their flip-flops held in their spare hands as they ambled along the edge of the high tide line.

Vikki rubbed his face and shook the sleep from his head. A dull headache pulsed behind his temples and his mouth was dry. He guessed it was midmorning, still a couple of hours before he was due at the bar, but he didn't feel like sleeping anymore. A good strong coffee or, even better, a can of Red Bull would set him up for the day.

“Come back to bed, Vikki,” came a soft voice from inside the room, and he looked back over his shoulder and grinned.

The mosquito net rippled in the breeze and he could just make out the shape of the naked girl in his bed. He felt a stirring in his loins as he remembered the previous night’s activities.

She was Swedish, and not yet twenty years old, her body firm and her skin the beautiful golden tan only Scandinavians seemed to get. He walked back to the bed, realising what he could do to fill the time before work. The front of his cotton shorts bulged as he lifted the edge of the mosquito net and gazed down on her. She lay on her back, her thick blonde hair spread out over the pillow like a golden halo. A sheet covered most of her body, just a long tanned leg, and one very white breast exposed. Her eyes were closed, and a soft smile lingered on her lips.

His grin widened as his arousal grew. Sometimes he thought he had the best job in the world. These foreign girls were so easy to bed. All it took was a couple of drinks, some flirty banter, and they would throw themselves at him. With his lean tattooed body, his dreadlocks and ready smile, they jumped at the chance for a taste of the exotic east, and he was more than happy to provide it. The best thing was, every week there were new ones.

He was about to slip under the netting when his phone buzzed with an incoming call. Bending down, he retrieved it from the floor and glanced at the screen. A flicker of irritation crossed his face and his heart rate increased a beat. With one more look at the girl in his bed, he turned and walked out of the shack until he was out of earshot.

The sand between his toes scorched his skin, and he jogged down to the harder wet sand near the water before answering the call.

“Are they coming?” the caller asked without preamble.

Vikki had never met the man, but had spoken to him many times, and he was never friendly on the phone despite the amount of business he sent him.

“Don't worry, they’ll be on the plane.”

“Have you checked?”


“Then fucking check and call me back.”

The line went dead and Vikki ground his teeth together. It was like this every time. He hadn’t let him down yet, but still he didn't get the respect he deserved. Perhaps it was time to re-negotiate his share?

He took a breath, then hit speed dial and waited.


“Are they on the plane?”

“They checked in and the flight will leave soon.”


“My payment?”

“Have I ever not paid you?”

“Well no, but…”

“Then don’t ask,” Vikki snapped and ended the call. He really needed that Red Bull.

He redialled the first number, and it was answered immediately.

“All on schedule.”

“Good. The money will be in your account as soon as we receive the package.”

Vikki took a breath. “Ahh… about that…”

“What?” the man snapped.

Vikki grimaced, losing his courage at the last minute. He turned and looked back toward the beach shack.

“I… ah… I’ll have another one for you soon.”

“Good.” And the phone went dead.

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