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Reprisal: John Hayes #5 (EBOOK)

Reprisal: John Hayes #5 (EBOOK)

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Everyone knows revenge is a dish best served cold and no-one knows this better than John Hayes.

After dealing with the mercenaries sent to kill him in Oman, John realizes he can never live in peace knowing the man who sent them, the man ultimately responsible for endangering the woman he loves, is still roaming free.

To hunt him down John must draw on all his courage and will power, and return to where it all began.


Reprisal is another exciting, nail-biting adventure once again starring John Hayes, an ordinary man in extraordinary situations.



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Series: Book 1, The Hong Kong Trilogy

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Read a Sample

John leaned forward, reached for his glass, wiped the condensation from the bottom on the paper napkin, then sat back and took a long pull of his Botanist and tonic, licking his lips. Delicious. The hotel made it well, especially after he had expressed his preference for an orange garnish. Ashok, the Indian bartender, didn’t even have to be asked now, preparing John’s drink as soon as he saw him. With a contented sigh, John placed the glass back on the table.

 After the incident in the Oman desert, he and Adriana had taken time out, high in the cool air of Jebel Shams, spending the days walking together along the mountain paths and reconnecting. John told her everything—about his time in India, the murder of his wife Charlotte, and his subsequent revenge. He explained how he got his money and what he had gone through in Hong Kong. Holding nothing back, it was a relief—he felt free, the burden of guilt and secrecy falling away like a snake shedding its skin to be born anew. Adriana listened, asking a question here and there, but never judging. When he finished, feeling years younger and somehow kilos lighter, he waited nervously for her response but needn’t have worried. She wrapped her arms around him, gazed into his eyes, and told him she loved him with all her heart and would never leave him. He breathed a sigh of relief and melted into her embrace. In a way, the attack by the men sent by Surya Patil had been a blessing, opening up pathways of communication and breaking down any last remaining barriers between John and Adriana.

After four days, they missed the sea and headed back down to the coast, booking themselves into a beautiful resort just south of old Muscat town, where they lazed on the beach, content in each other’s company.

John closed his eyes, the warm rays of the Arabian sun caressing his skin, filling him with well-being. For the first time in a very long time, he felt truly happy.

A drop of water fell on his face and blinking his eyes open, he looked up at the cloudless sky in puzzlement. Not a sign of rain in the vast blue expanse above him. He frowned. In fact, in Oman, it never rained at this time of year.

He shrugged and closed his eyes again, luxuriating in the sun’s warmth and the buzz from the gin and tonic.

Again, drops of water fell on him, this time on his face and chest. Hearing a giggle, he opened his eyes, raising his head to see Adriana grinning at him from the poolside, her head just above the pool edge, resting her chin on her arms. Her hair was slicked back behind her, her face and arms deeply tanned, and her eyes were twinkling with mischief, the gold flecks in her hazel eyes sparkling in the sun.

Habibi,” she winked.

“It was you!”

Adriana beckoned him over, “Come in.”

John smiled, his heart swelling with affection, and shook his head.

Adriana pouted, pulling the corners of her mouth down, then grinned and pushed herself back from the edge of the pool, swimming across to the ladder and climbing out. John studied her over the rim of his Ray-Bans, watching the water stream off her lithe, tanned body as she climbed out of the pool. She reached up and smoothed her long black hair away from her face with both hands, flicking off the excess water. John watched the play of sunlight over her skin, the gentle definition in her arms, the swell of her breasts as she lowered her arms and walked toward him. There weren’t many other guests by the pool, but they were all looking at her.

“Pass me a towel?”

John reached over and tossed the blue and white striped hotel towel. Catching it with ease, she wiped herself dry. John shifted on his sun lounger, uncomfortably aware of the visible effect the tall slim woman in the black bikini was having on his body. He sat forward, lips parted, and removed his sunglasses.

“Shall we go back to the room and freshen up?” He followed the suggestion with a wink.

“Mr. Hayes! It’s only four in the afternoon!”

John shrugged and smiled.

Adriana leaned forward and reached for his hand, pulling him up off the sun lounger.

“An excellent idea, habibi,” she murmured in his ear, her lips brushing his earlobe, sending shivers down his back.

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