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Flipped: Devil Inside #2 (EBOOK)

Flipped: Devil Inside #2 (EBOOK)

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Matthew Wilson was the perfect husband... Until he wasn't.

Clara Wilson didn’t want to admit that her marriage was steadily falling apart…

…until she discovered her husband planned to kill her.

You've read the husband's point of view. Now see it through the wife's eyes.
The exciting sequel novella to The Devil Inside.

Book 2 in The Devil Inside Duology.


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Series: Book 1, The Hong Kong Trilogy

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Read a Sample

He had stopped moving.

Good... I think.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. There was a pounding in my chest and a ripple of fear coursed through my body, but I shook it off. No… I had been careful. I was always careful.

Tightening the sash around my gown, I knelt and looked closely at my husband.

He wasn’t breathing. Gently, I reached over and placed my fingertips on the side of his neck. I couldn’t feel a pulse. I moved my fingertips, just in case I had the wrong position, but still, there was nothing.

Exhaling slowly, I sat back on my heels. I had just killed my husband.

I held up my hands, turning them over, and looked at the palms. They weren’t shaking. They weren’t sweating. I scanned my body... Why wasn’t I feeling anything? Remorse, despair, regret... I frowned. Relief, perhaps? No, all I felt was... empty.

Was this how it ended?

The man I had once loved, who used to make me laugh, who cared for me. My confidant, my partner, my best friend.

I looked back at Matthew lying on the floor in front of me. He was half on his side, his left arm stretching away from him, his legs slightly akimbo. Reaching for his chin, I gently turned his head, so I could see his face. The eyes that once twinkled with mischief were empty. His face had thinned out considerably since he’d started running, but his strong, stubbled jaw line was now slack, his mouth hanging slightly open. No, he wasn’t the man I had loved. This was a different version of that man, a man I had come to despise.

A man who had tried to kill me.

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