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Disruption: Hong Kong #1 (EBOOK)

Disruption: Hong Kong #1 (EBOOK)

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“…What an incredible book. You see the news, but in this story, you learn a lot about the human side….”

Young Australian ex-pat Jacob Watson has it all: a high-paying job managing a property portfolio for one of Hong Kong's tycoons, access to the city's elite, and a life of luxury.

But as protests against Chinese interference in Hong Kong escalate, Jacob's world is turned upside down.

Will he continue to prioritize his career and wealth, or risk it all to join the fight for democracy in the city he now calls home?

This action-packed and enthralling thriller from author Mark David Abbott will keep you on the edge of your seat as Jacob navigates the dangerous political landscape of Hong Kong.

Book 1 in The Hong Kong Trilogy.


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Series: Book 1, The Hong Kong Trilogy

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Read a Sample


Sucking in another lungful of air, he willed himself to push on.


His chest heaved, and vision starred.

One more.

One hundred.

He pressed the button on the side of his watch and collapsed to the floor, rolling onto his back, ignoring the pool of sweat as he gasped for breath. His eyes closed, he sucked in air as his chest heaved up and down, and his pulse hammered away in his temples. He slowly became aware of noises around him—the clank of iron plates and the rhythmic pounding of the Rage Against the Machine track playing over the gym sound system. Opening his eyes, he blinked away the sweat that ran into his eyes, stinging his eyeballs. Raising his wrist, he glanced at his wristwatch, narrowing his eyes to see the time—eight minutes, forty-five seconds. A new personal record, ten seconds faster than his previous best. One hundred burpees for time. It was a workout he dreaded, but perversely, also his favorite. Just him against the clock, no equipment needed, yet he had seen tremendous results. Rolling over to his side, Jacob Watson pushed himself up and glanced around the gym.

This early in the morning, it was still quite empty. Just Tom over in the squat rack, and the Hong Kong guy, whose name he had never bothered to ask, on the stair climber.

Jacob liked to work out early. Despite the extreme physical effort, it set him up for the day. He had found if he completed his most difficult task first thing in the morning, then nothing else in the day could affect him and slow him down. He glanced again at his watch, changing the display from stopwatch to time. Seven a.m. Time he got showered and changed.

Jacob stood, mopped up the pool of sweat with his hand towel, and with a nod at Tom, headed for the changing rooms.

Tom’s Gym was basic and small, tucked away on the fifteenth floor of an old office building on the edge of Hong Kong’s Central District. Jacob had been going there since he had moved to Hong Kong two years previously. It was cheap, but more importantly, it was no-frills, and the people who trained there were serious about fitness. Jacob’s colleagues frequented the fancier modern fitness centers in Central, but that was mainly to see and be seen.

Jacob stripped and showered, finishing with thirty seconds of cold water before stepping out and toweling himself dry.

He glanced toward the TV screen on the wall. The sound was on mute, but a ticker tape of news scrolled across the bottom of the screen. Markets were slightly down across the region, the U.S. and China becoming embroiled in a trade war. Jacob shrugged. It wasn’t really going to affect him much. Jacob worked in real estate, helping manage shopping malls and office buildings for one of Hong Kong’s biggest property investment companies. Whatever happened in the world, everyone knew Hong Kong property would always be a safe bet. Since leaving his native Australia two years ago, Jacob had only seen the market go up, his employer’s fortunes increasing beyond comprehension. The figures were staggering, the work extremely challenging, but Jacob couldn’t imagine doing anything else. He loved his job, and he loved this city. It was exciting, and he was master of his universe. He exchanged his G-Shock for his Omega Speedmaster, fastened the French cuffs of his tailored shirt with a pair of gold cufflinks, but left his tie in his bag, and slung his suit jacket over his shoulder. He would put those on once he had completely cooled down. He glanced at his watch again—on schedule. Time to grab a coffee, have a quick read of the papers, and still be the first one in the office.

* * *

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